From show dog to yard dog

One of the many things Betty has had to get used in her new home is yard life.  Cavalier’s aren’t know for being street-wise and Betty certainly wasn’t yard-wise when she first came to us.

At first she stuck to my heels like glue, couldn’t bare Abbey between us and couldn’t connect Abbey’s front legs with her back legs. On more than one occasion she ran under Abbey’s belly to come to me on the other side.  :O

Now, she’s a healthy respect for hooves, horse-legs and giant heads. The latter a result of trying to steal some of Abbey’s dinner. Yes, ‘Betty the Belly’ will eat chaff and pony nuts!

Betty knows the way to Abbey’s field and where we turn so she can keep herself by my side.


Horse-poo is still an obsession for Betty. Her eyes nearly popped out of her little head the first time she saw the muck heap.  I can only imagine how she felt seeing the poop mountain given her passion for eating and rolling it.


I use kibbles as a distraction from ‘helping’ me muck out the stable and poo-pick the field.  I’ll throw a handful of kibbles into the straw or long grass and Betty will busy herself snuffling them out rather than digesting vast amount of poop, which only seems to bung her up.

If I’m not quick enough, Betty will roll.  It’s when her selective hearing gets switched on.  A couple Saturdays ago, she rolled in poop in the morning and had a bath, then rolled in poop in the afternoon, so had another bath.  She strongly dislikes baths so this was a bad day for Betty.  She did, however, get to dry off by rolling in fresh straw in the stable which she did seem to enjoy.


Her love for poop extends to cow pats.  The yard where I keep Abbey is also home to a herd of beef cattle.  Betty’s learnt the hard way that cows in calf do not appreciate small fluffies entering their field hunting for fresh cow pats.



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